Navajo Nation

Leadership (updated April 2021) Contact Information
Jonathan Nez, President Address: PO Box 9000
Myron Lizer, Vice President                Window Rock, AZ 86515
Navajo Nation Council Phone:    928-871-6000 (Navajo Nation Communications & Utilities)
  Department of Health Director: Glorinda Segay <>
  Interim Superintendent of Schools: Patricia Gonnie
  Assistant Superintendent of Schools: vacant
  Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Heritage and Historic Preservation Department Manager: Richard Begay <>

GOVERNANCE: In 1923, the Navajo Nation tribal government was established. The Navajo Nation consists of 110 Chapters, divided into 5 agencies. Each chapter has its own elected President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. 

The Navajo Nation Legislative Council (currently the 24th Council) is run by a President and Vice President, with 24 delegates representing the 110 Chapters. In addition to numerous special sessions throughout the year, the Legislative Council meets quarterly for general sessions in the summer, fall, winter, and spring. The Council elects a Speaker to serve a two-year term. The Navajo Nation is in Congressional District 1; Legislative District 7.    

RESEARCH PROTOCOL: The Navajo Nation has established a protocol for research and the protection of human subjects. See the following documents:

To watch a video on Navajo Nation Research Protocols, see the presentation by Ronald Maldonado, Historic Preservation Department. For more information on human research, visit the Navajo Nation Human Research Review Board.

COMMUNITY PROFILE: The Navajo or Dine' (meaning "The People" in the Navajo language) govern the largest reservation in the United States, covering more than 27,000 square miles and extending from Arizona into Utah and New Mexico. 

The Navajo Nation operates four casinos: Fire Rock in Churchrock, NM; Flowing Wells in Shiprock, NM; Northern Edge located between Shiprock and Farmington, NM; and Twin Arrows Casino and Resort near Flagstaff, Arizona. The Nation operates tourist enterprises and trading posts around their many parks and lakes (for example Antelope Pointe Marina, Four Corners Tribal Park, Wheatfields Lake, and Chaco Canyon National Historical Park, among others). 


Navajo Nation Reservation or Off Reservation Trust Land

Arizona United States
Total Population*  148,691 6,946,685 322,903,030
Number of Households 39,949 2,524,300 119,730,128
Average Household Size 3.70 2.69 2.63
Median Age 32.0 37.4 37.9
Population Under Age 18 29.0% 23.5% 22.8%
Population Over Age 65 11.7% 16.7% 15.2%
Speaks a Language Other Than English in Household 67.8% 27.2% 21.5%
Married-Couple Households 31.2% 57.0% 58.6%
Owner-Occupied Housing Units 75.9% 63.6% 63.8%
Age 25+ with High School Degree or Higher 75.3% 86.8% 87.7%
Median Household Income $16,701 $56,213 $60,293
Below Federal Poverty Threshold 38.7% 16.1% 14.1%
Households with at Least One Computing Device 45.4% 89.9% 88.8%
Households with a Desktop/Laptop 30.9% 79.7% 77.9%


*All statistics are from the 2014-2018 American Community Survey, 5-year estimates.