Unity Plaza


Unity Plaza is a transformative project proposed by the Office of Native American Advancement & Tribal Engagement at the University of Arizona. This initiative aims to construct a plaza celebrating the diverse cultural heritage of Arizona's Tribal Nations; tribal sovereignty; and contributions of Tribal Nations to Arizona and the university. As the sole land-grant university in Arizona, it’s important to represent the history of the institution and state authentically through educating the public about the Indigenous peoples whose lands the university occupies. 

Unity Plaza will be a central gathering space on the university campus, prominently featuring the flags of Arizona’s Tribal Nations and creating a visually striking representation of the state's Indigenous richness. Personalized pavers will be integrated into the plaza, inscribed with the names of Tribal leaders educated at the university, inviting visitors to walk in their footsteps. Educational components, such as interpretive signage, will enhance the experience, offering a comprehensive understanding of the traditions, languages, and histories of Arizona's Tribes. 

Unity Plaza will not only serve as a cultural celebration but also as an educational and community engagement hub. The space will host cultural events that promote dialogue and understanding among students, faculty, and the broader community. By providing a platform for these interactions, the project aims to contribute to a campus environment that values and respects the diverse cultural heritage of Arizona's Indigenous communities.

The budget for Unity Plaza will cover the construction, flagpoles, pavers, landscape architecture, and the development of educational materials. With support from the Mellon Foundation Monuments Project, Unity Plaza aspires to become a model for promoting unity and understanding through public spaces. The anticipated impact is a tangible connection to the university’s land-grant mission through a space that honors the resilience and contributions of Arizona's Indigenous peoples.