Monica Yellowhair

Program Director; Outreach, Cancer Center
Tribal Affiliation
Diné (Navajo Nation)

Dr. Monica Yellowhair is an Assistant Research Scientist who takes great pride in the work that she does. After receiving her PhD in toxicology from the University of Arizona, Dr. Yellowhair began her research at the UA Cancer Center looking at depleted uranium and its effects on DNA, specifically its relation to cancer.

Dr. Yellowhair is a member of the Navajo Nation and by working at the Cancer Center, she noticed that there are poor cancer screening rates among American Indians in Arizona. With her research findings, she hopes to increase cancer screening rates by increasing cancer education and awareness among the other tribal communities in Arizona.

During her time as a postdoc at the UA, Dr. Yellowhair has noted how the environment of the university has impacted her research —“We feel it’s very important to increase communication and outreach efforts among tribal communities. With this continued partnership, there is a lot of potential to help my community and have a greater impact to reduce health disparities."

Written by Lauren Rowe


  • PhD