Outstanding Native American First-Year Student Award, 2020-2021

May 7, 2021

Tommey Jodie


Outstanding First-Year Award

"Tommey is a LEAD scholar though our program here at the Native American Research Training Center. The main purpose of the LEAD program is to assist in the success of their academics through their first year. Through her first year at the University of Arizona Tommy has demonstrated great determination in succeeding in her first year through her leadership in virtual activities, volunteering in her community, attending webinar trainings and always punctual and present at program meetings. She has contributed to her community through mask making for her local women’s shelter, given educational presentations to her former high school, participated in Fridges for Friends to put food in the hands of homeless individuals in Winslow and assisted in volunteer events contributing to the COVID-19 pandemic testing and vaccination centers."

-Tashina Machain

Outreach Coordinator

Arizona Indians into Medicine & LEAD Scholars Program

"Thank you to both of my parents, Yvonne and Hollis Jodie as well as my aunties and uncles who I also consider my parents. They have been my biggest supporters in all of my personal and academic pursuits. Also a big thank you to the LEAD program, College Horizons, Generation Indigenious, and NASA. I also want to thank my mentors, Katie Christopher, Deja Torres, and Angel Navarro who have supported me throughout this crazy school year. As well as a thank you to my friends who continuously push and inspire me. Last but not least, I would like to thank my ancestors, without them I would not be here amongst these other amazing scholars. I am extremely grateful for you all, ahéhee' (thank you)!"

- Tommey Jodie