Ires Co-Sponsored Artist Talk 12/12/23 ft. Anaysa Stark

Anaysa Stark


5:30 to 7 p.m., Dec. 12, 2023

On behalf of the Indigenous Resilience Center (IRes), we would like to invite you to our first artist talk that the Center is co-sponsoring. Anaysa Stark was a previous intern with IRes during Summer 2022 as part of A Student’s Journey. During this time, she played an essential role in assisting the center to develop its brand. We have shared a strong connection since, and we are excited to welcome her back and share her portfolio with our colleagues from across campus.

Anaysa Stark (she/her(s)/ella/hegai) is a Two-Spirit Tohono O’odham and Michoacán Artist who excels in creating and teaching art in a way of self healing. Growing up, art introduced Anaysa to a world of endless creativity and ultimately saved her life. She uses art as an outlet for self-care, where she is able to direct her energy in a meaningful and positive way.

Anaysa is currently studying at Tohono O'odham Community College to obtain a degree in the Fine Arts for Graphic Arts/Design and Art Therapy. She loves to explore the unlimited possibilities of creating storytelling without words in various art mediums; from pencil and paper to tattooing. Anaysa’s plan after obtaining her degree is to open an Indigenous Arts and Sporting Center called Stark Center, which will be built on O’odham Land. Anaysa wants to focus on giving back to her community and working to provide prevention services, art & sporting lessons focusing on health and wellness.

With Anaysa’s previous work with LGBTQ+ at-risk youth and young adults; she served as an health educator and advocate, bringing awareness to the heightened risk of homelessness and housing instability among Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ peoples. She strives to help break down systemic barriers and dismantling stigmas impacting her community. Being part of the Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ community, Anaysa strives to confront societal norms, specifically gender and binary-specific norms. You can expect 100% transparency, advocacy for people of color, and advocacy for trans-inclusivity in an effort to catalyze positive change for the Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ community.

Please join us for her talk and a reception celebrated in ENR2.


Torran Anderson