In 2018, more than $26 million in active grants funded health research and initiatives impacting Native American communities in Arizona. For example, the University of Arizona is an active partner in the First Things First initiative, providing early education and health programs to prepare young children to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. In 2018 the University of Arizona provided oral health screenings, developmental and sensory screenings, child care health consultations, and home visitations in tribal communities across the state. For more on First Things First, see

Dr. Akinlolu Ojo, a nephrologist at the University of Arizona, is part of a UA-Banner Health team that has launched the “All of Us Research Program/Precision Medicine Initiative.” The goal of the initiative is to enroll 1 million or more individuals from diverse populations, including American Indian/Alaska Natives, to improve prevention and treatment of diseases. The initial award in 2016 totaled $43.3 million over five years, the largest NIH peer-reviewed grant in Arizona history. Dr. Ojo was awarded $12 million in 2018. For more on the All of Us program in Arizona, see