Fort Mojave Indian Tribe

Leadership (updated November 2019) Contact Information
Timothy Williams, Chairman Address: 500 Merriman Avenue
Shan Lewis, Vice Chairman                 Needles, CA 92363
Colleen Garcia, Secretary Phone:    760-629-4591
Celina Reyes, Council Member Website:
Nichole Garcia, Council Member Indian Health Center Director: John Manning <>
Johnny Hemers, Council Member Education Director: Christina Camron-Otero <>
Norvin McCord, Council Member
GOVERNANCE: The Fort Mojave Indian Tribe is governed by a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and four council members. Council members hold staggered 3-year terms, with elections held yearly in June. Council meetings are held the second Saturday of every month. The Fort Mojave Indian Tribe is in Congressional District 4; Legislative District 5.
CONSTITUTION: To view the Tribe's full Constitution, adopted March 1957, amended October 1957, click here.

COMMUNITY PROFILE: Mojave Indians are known as "The People by the River" (Pipa Aha Macav). Once the largest concentration of people in the Southwest, they developed well established trade networks and prosperous farms. In 1859, the United States government built a military outpost on the east bank of the Colorado River which later became known as Fort Mojave. The Fort closed in 1891 and was transformed into a boarding school. Today, the ruins of Fort Mojave are an historical landmark. 

According to the 2015 Census, there are approximately1,464 individuals living on the Fort Mojave Reservation. The Reservation is located along the Colorado River and spans nearly 42,000 acres in Arizona, California, and Nevada.  The majority of those acres (23,669) are in Mojave County, Arizona; 12,633 acres are adjacent to Needles, California; and 5,582 acres are in Nevada. 

The age structure of the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe reveals a young community where one-quarter of the population is under the age of 18.*  The median age for the Tribe is 31.4, compared to a median age of 37.5 for Arizona as a whole.  More than one-quarter of the population identifies as Hispanic or Latino, and approximately 17 percent of the community speaks a language other than English. 

The median household income for the Fort Mojave Tribe is $25,882, with 33 percent of families living below the federal poverty level. The Tribe operates Avi Kwa'Ame Farms, which primarily produces cotton.  The Tribe also operates Avi Resort and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada.

*All Statistics are from the 2011-2015 American Community Survey, 5-year Estimates.